Tulipa is a brown classic torbie (patched tabby) with white.  Her
nickname is "Tippi" and she is such a sweet clown!  Many thanks to Kay
Heimer of Mysticoon for allowing us to take this gorgeous girl home!
Phone & Fax (904) 282-8190   Email: luckypaws@juno.com
Mysticoon Tulipa of Luckypaws
(IW, SGC Celticpride Irish Chase of Megacoon x Ch.
Mysticoon Magnificent Maggie)
Tulipa's Pedigree
Ch. Luckypaws Larissa
(Ch. Mysticoon Pluto of Luckypaws x Ch. Luckypaws Artemesia)
Larissa is a silver classic tabby and she is beautiful inside and out!    
Larissa is now retired from breeding.
Larissa's Pedigree
Luckypaws Liliana
(Codycats Augustus Snow of Luckypaws x Ch. Luckypaws Artemesia)
Liliana is a black-silver classic tabby and she is a big girl with the most gentle
and kind disposition.  Lili was born on August 17, 2008.
Luckypaws Broomhilda
(Luckypaws Running Bear x Luckypaws Madelyn)
Broomhilda was born on Oct. 1, 2011 and she is a black-brown classic tabby.  
Broomy is lap kitty with a very loud purr!  These pics were taken at 6 months of age,
and she is already a big girl, weighing 9 lbs at 6 months.  
Luckypaws Ms. Molly
(Luckypaws Julian x Luckypaws Lambchop)
Molly is a black brown classic tabby and she is a very
loving, and calm sweetie-pie.
All of our queens are negative for the HCM gene mutation.  All of our cats used
for breeding  have either  been repeatedly  echoed "normal" by
echocardiogram for HCM, or will soon be echoed for the first time.   All of our
cats used for breeding have been x-rayed for HD and show no signs of hip
Mysticoon Leottie of Luckypaws
(GC Mysticoon Tebow x CH Mysticoon Marigold)
Leottie is a brown classic torbie (patched tabby).  We love her deep mahogany coloring. She is one
of the friendliest and sweetest females we have ever had.  Big thanks to Kay Heimer of Mysticoon,
MC cattery, for allowing me to take this fabulous kitty home!
Mainelyclassic Ruby of Luckypaws
(IW SGC Williamina Cougar x Williamina Shady of Mainelyclassic)
Ruby is a red classic tabby with a whole lot of personality and charm, she cannot
stand to be ignored.  She is a great, sweet, and very funny girl and a wonderful
addition to our breeding program.  Thank you, Rae Sammis of Mainelyclassic MC
cattery for trusting us with this great female.