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RW, QGC Luckypaws Dieselpurr
Black silver classic tabby
Father: CH. Mysticoon Pluto of Luckypaws
Mother: CH. Luckypaws Artemesia

Diesel is negative for the cardiac myosin binding protein C mutation.
Two echocardiograms done at the Univ. of FL vet school showed normal results.
Hip xrays done at  3 years of age showed no signs of hip dysplasia.
CIC = 13.8%

Diesel has been neutered and retired from breeding.
                                     CH. Regalcoons Nayati of Luckypaws
                                                            Red classic tabby
                                                      Father: Ch. Belushies Vladimir of Regalcoons
                                                      Mother: Ch. Thecathut Trinity of Regalcoons

Nayati was born on June 11, 2012.  He has a long square muzzle, deep chin, lovely ears and he is a
chunk like his dad.  We are so pleased with this sweet rascal who always keeps us laughing, he is a

Thank you Grace Reger for allowing me to take home this fabulous kitten who was so well socialized!
The photo on the left was taken at 4 months, and the photo on the right was taken at 9 months. Nayati
is negative for the HCM gene mutation and his heart will be echocardiogramed before he is used for
breeding.  CIC = 13.5%

Luckypaws Takoda
Father: Ch. Regalcoons Nayati of Luckypaws
Mother: Luckypaws Emmalee

Brown classic tabby with low white