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                                     CH. Regalcoons Nayati of Luckypaws
                                              Red classic tabby
                                    Father: Ch. Belushies Vladimir of Regalcoons
                                    Mother: Ch. Thecathut Trinity of Regalcoons

Nayati was born on June 11, 2012.  He has a long square muzzle, deep
chin, lovely ears and he is a chunk like his dad.  The photo on the left
was taken at 4 months, and the photo on the right was taken at 9 months.
Nayati is negative for the HCM gene mutation and his heart was echoed
at 2 years of age and no defects were found.  CIC = 13.5%

             Justcoons Ra Mazotti of Luckypaws
               Father:  Gittara's Finley            
               Mother:  Alpha Cat's Royal Classic

Big thanks to Katharina for this fabulous kitty!!  Ra Mazotti is a stunning brown
(black) classic tabby with low white male.  We think he is going to sire some
gorgeous kittens later this year.  Ra Ra is negative for the HCM gene mutation.