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On March 25, 2014, Luckypaws Broomhilda and Ch. Regalcoons  
Nayati  of Luckypaws were the proud parents of 6 kittens.  In this
litter, we have 4 females that are all brown classic torbies
(patched tabbies) and two males.  The males are both brown
classic tabbies.  We have one female e kitten still available from
this breeding, please look below to see photos of Sarah at 16
weeks of age.

will have 2 -3 adults available for adoption later this year. We
love these cats, and as a reward for their service here, we try our
best to find cat lovers that have time to give these retirees the
love and  attention that they deserve. Retired adults are priced
very reasonably.
Please call or email us if you would like to get on our waiting list. We
will email  you info about our pricing and a copy of our sales contract if
you send us an email.  Please let us know if you would like more
photos of a particular kitten.
Parents of litter born on March 25, 2014
Father - Ch. Regalcoons Nayati
of Luckypaws, red classic tabby.
Luckypaws Broomhilda, a
brown classic tabby
Above is Sarah at 16 weeks of age, she is a
brown classic torbie.