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We don't have any kittens available at this time. We have one litter
due on February 28, 2017 and  another litter due on March 7. The
colors of the kittens in these upcoming litters can be brown or red classic
tabbies, with and without low white, and there might be some brown
classic torbie (patched tabby) females in the March litter.  We have some
fabulous litters plann
ed for 2017.  

We have a waiting list for kittens at this time. If you would like to be on our
waiting list for these kittens and upcoming litters, please send us an email
and we will email you a copy of our sales contract, info on our pricing,
and some info on how we feed our cats.

You do not have to send us a deposit to get on our waiting list. We ask
people on our waiting list to make an appointment to come and see any
kittens they are interested in when the kittens are 9 weeks of age.  If they
decide they want to adopt a kitten at that time, we execute a sales
contract and take a deposit at that time. Kittens are usually ready to leave
here at 12 weeks of age.

Please double click on photos to enlarge.
Justcoons Ra Mazotti of Luckypaws is a brown
classic tabby with low white, we have been very
pleased with the kittens he produced in 2016..
Below are parents of kittens due in late February 2017
Luckypaws Ms. Molly is a brown classic
tabby with great size and fabulous