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Please look below to see the kittens born on March 30, 2016. Our new
female, Claudia, is due to have kittens on May 30.  Broomhilda is due on
June 5, and Lucipurr is due on June 10, we will post photos of the parents
and kittens here later on.

We have a waiting list for kittens at this time. If you would like to be on our
waiting list for these kittens and upcoming litters, please send us an email
and we will email you a copy of our sales contract, info on our pricing and
some info on how we feed our cats.

You do not have to send us a deposit to get on our waiting list. We ask
people on our waiting list to make an appointment to come and see any
kittens they are interested in when the kittens are 9 weeks of age.  If they
decide they want to adopt a kitten at that time, we execute a sales
contract and take a deposit at that time.  Kittens are usually ready to
leave here when they are 12 weeks of age.

Please double click on photos to enlarge photos.
Ch. Regalcoons Nayati of Luckypaws
Luckypaws Ms. Molly
Below are photos of the parents of the kittens born on March 30 and
their kittens.  There are 3 female
s and one male in this litter.  We have
another litter due on May 30, 2016.
Nadia is a brown (black) classic torbie, shown above at 7 weeks.
Above is Nikki, she is also a brown classic torbie at 7 weeks.
Above is Natasha, she is also a brown classic torbie at 7 weeks.
Above is Nigel, he is a brown classic tabby at 7 weeks.