Hello, welcome to our website!  Come on in and see our kitties.  We are
located southwest of Jacksonville, FL in Green Cove Springs. Please look at
our "Available Kittens" page for photos of available kittens.  For more
information, please call: (904) 282-8190, or email: Luckypaws@juno.com
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If you have ever had a kitty die from cancer
s, diabetes, kidney failure,
hyroidism, lymphoma, obesity related problems, IBD, or prematurely,
please read:
"Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to  a Longer, Stronger Life", by
Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM.
 This book goes beyond the hype of feeding
commercial dry cats foods that are
 so high in carbohydrates and calories that
it's causing premature death in cats.
Many cats are allergic to some of the
ingredients in dry cat foods and develop chronic skin problems
This book isn't
just about feeding carnivores properl
y, it's about  why feeding dry cat foods
slowly kills cats and many other subjects. You can find this book at most
libraries, and you can buy used and new copies of this paperback on Amazon.
lease do your kitties and yourself a huge favor and get this book. The sound
advice in this book will allow your cats to live long and healthy lives, and  save
you thousands of dollars in vet bills!!  The book is a great read for any cat

Phone & Fax (904) 282-8190   Email: luckypaws@juno.com
Above: Rear view of our home on Lake Asbury.